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Omega Seal Expansion Joint

Omega Seal Expansion Joint
Omega Seal Expansion Joint
Product Code : 09
Product Description
General concept of expansion joint is to provide the continuity between two parts of a structure which are in relative movement because of vibration, seismic load, thermal expansion or contraction, shrinkage etc. Expansion joints are used primarily to relieve stress due to confinement of a slab. An expansion joint is an assembly designed to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of various construction materials, to absorb vibration, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes Expansion joints are designed to support heavy and rigorous traffic load with minimum noise and bumps so that the driving experience can be with maximum pleasure.

Omega Seal Expansion Joints offered by us deliver optimum functionality in the given application requirement. For installation it requires surface that shall be of 1% slope (for getting water drained). Further the steel bolt need to be inserted into recess made in deck and filled with M 35 grade concrete. Other than this Kantaflex omega seals also need to be positioned on both sides of decks in a manner that omega shape covers gap and plain surface perfectly sits on deck slab.

The other installation specifications include

Galvanized steel plate (80 X 80mm) having oblong hole (40 X 20mm) need to be placed on plain surface of seals at both sides (this need to be done in a manner that bolt is inserted through oblong hole)

Seal need to be punched with hole suiting to oblong hole of steel plate so as to enable getting inserted through bolt Nut to be tightened on every bolt properly & also tack welded so as to ensure locking On completion of installation, every aspect need to be checked for proper installation.

Wearing coat shall be done with proper care (without disturbing seal)